mormons <3

May 26, 20211 min read

In a random twist of fate, all of my partner’s closest childhood friends are Mormon. We went on a cabin trip with them last weekend and it was a blast. I’m not religious but I love Mormons. As a rule of thumb, every Mormon I’ve met is humble and hard-working. And as someone who doesn’t like to drink, Mormons sometimes feel like the last bastion of fun in the world. Our cabin trip was filled with hiking, watching movies, eating good food, playing board games, and playing Fugitive. So wholesome 💖

The Mormons are in a totally different cultural landscape than what I’m used to. I used to keep a list of questions they asked that I found amusing, including “What’s kombucha?” and “Who’s Jordan Peterson?”

Hanging out with my partner’s best friends’ wives and fiance