what's your san francisco age?

May 22, 20201 min read

0 years old: you arrive in SF with wide eyes and a sense of possibility
1 year old: you learn how to rock climb
2 years old: you stop drinking alcohol in favor of psychedelics. you prefer to party at co-living houses.
3 years old: you start a polyamorous relationship with your piano teacher and her vegan husband
4 years old: you’re wildly ambitious. you have 10,000 twitter followers. you meditate every morning before Barry’s.
5 years old: your company goes public, collect $1M when you pass Go
6 years old: your piano teacher leaves you and her husband, to become a monk
7 years old: you’re feeling burned out, spend 2 weeks at vipassana
8 years old: you’re still burned out, travel the world for 1 year
9 years old: you feel good again, start an angel fund
10 years old: god, you must be in your 30s now. why are you still here? move to new york in search of meaning and a wife