Threads About Twitter

  1. How to use Twitter well
  2. Twitter and the 3 Ingredients of Friendship
  3. How might Twitter evolve?
  4. Tweeting is good for you!


  1. A significant other is not enough. Don’t neglect friendship and community.
  2. Procrastination is caused by boring-ness
  3. Cars are dangerous and not worth the trade-offs. We should be re-designing cities for humans, using micromobility as our main modes of transport.
  4. Increasing your extroversion will increase serendipity in your life.
  5. We’re all responsible for homelessness, and the consequences of socially shunning the homeless
  6. I’m gonna vote for Andrew Yang


  1. Birth control is causing gut issues, and the cause behind the rise of ‘gluten intolerance'

Extremely Analytical About All of My Feeeeelings

  1. I like to feel new feelings
  2. I believe emotional pain is processed through depth of feeling. If you let yourself feel deeply, you heal quicker.
  3. I’m fairly happy these days, but I’ve gone through intense periods of loneliness and I often think about the causes and solutions to loneliness.

Words and Communication

  1. Repetition in Indonesian
  2. Dunbar’s number
  3. The web

About Me

  1. A thread about my grandmother
  2. I use messaging apps as a method of loci
  3. I grew up in the Bay Area, and am the product of most of the forces pictured

Book Summaries

  1. An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management


  1. 'Why Books Are Fake' (Ribbonfarm)
  2. 'The Spreading of Threading' (Aaron Z. Lewis)
  3. 'The Tim Ferriss Show Episode 204: Josh Waitzkin Distilled'
  4. 'Infidel' (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)
  5. 'Estonia, The Digital Republic' (The New Yorker)


  1. Applications to Z combinator open tomorrow
  2. Analysis of a Shitpost

SF Culture

  1. Relationships are fluid