what beliefs do you hold too tightly to?

December 02, 20191 min read

Thanksgiving exposes us to opinions that don’t usually penetrate our carefully curated filter bubbles. Therefore, you can use Thanksgiving to uncover your sacred cows.

Did you find yourself in any conversations where you felt annoyed or flustered? That might be a sign that you’re so emotionally attached to a belief that your emotions cloud your ability to think clearly.

This Thanksgiving I discovered 3 of my sacred cows, all a little too cliche for a Silicon Valley Techno-Futurist 🙄:

  1. I’m irrationally pro-Amazon
  2. I’m irrationally pro Uber and Lyft
  3. I’m irrationally pro-housing and often over-simplify urban problems to YIMBY v. NIMBY.

What beliefs do you hold too tightly to?