Visa captured my spirit in this mood board:

A few of my core beliefs:
  • Wow, humans
    • I strive to be honest. I fail frequently, but I am more direct than most.
  • Emotions are adaptive. We evolved to have moods because they give us important data.
    • For example, sadness means one of your needs isn’t being met (sleep? food? companionship? meaning??)
    • Emotional pain contains valuable lessons about who you are and what you want. Distracting yourself from pain just prolongs the pain; so I advise diving in!
  • Twitter is good for you
    • Twitter is a learning tool. Knowing that I am sharing to a public audience forces me to pause and clarify my thoughts. And I often gain further clarity from conversations in the replies.
  • For more of my beliefs, read my Micro-Posts or Threads.